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Klara Stepanivna Luchko (Ukrainian: Клара Степанівна Лучко; Russian: Кла́ра Степа́новна Лучко́; 1 July 1925 – 26 March 2005) was a Soviet, Russian and Ukrainian actress known for her roles in the Soviet cinema.Get more information about Klara Luchko.Klara Luchko was a Soviet Russian and Ukrainian actress best known as Dasha, a Cossack woman in the popular movie Cossacks of the Kuban (1950) by director Ivan Pyrev.Get more information about Klara Luchko.Клара Лучко, Актриса: фото, биография, фильмография, новости - Вокруг.Of course, Clara Luchko was sure that I will get a role in the film Ulyana. But what was her disappointment, when, instead of playing Gromov fell Nonna Mordyukova. Clara got unobtrusive the role of aunt. They say artsite so offended by Gerasimov that he almost left the profession.

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